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Pay non resident tax in Spain
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About the tax
About the tax
What is this tax?
If you own the Spanish property for your own use or for family and friends, the government charges you a yearly tax which is based on the value of your property.  Do not confuse this with the tax payable if you rent out your property - this is different altogether.
Who needs to pay it?
Anybody who owns a property in Spain which is for their own use, who does not have a Spanish income and whose main residence is in another country.
Is it a simple process?
It is a very simple process. Once I have your details I can email or post your completed modelo 210 form to you in the UK or Spain.
How do I pay the tax?
You simply take the completed form that I send you into your Spanish bank and make the payment.

I am also able to arrange payment on behalf of clients if necessary - please ask for details of this option.

How often do I need to do this?
Once a year whilst you own the property. The tax is paid in arrears so this year you are paying for 2018.
What happens if I don't pay this tax?
Out of the blue you may receive a demand for taxes or alternatively when you come to sell the property the buyer's Solicitor will be checking all outstanding debts and this unpaid tax would be one of them. At this point you would have to complete your tax forms for every unpaid year and the debt plus fines will be deducted from the money you get for the sale before your money is handed over to you.  
I am currently paying my fiscal/legal representative to do this for me - can I change to this cheaper service?
Yes, is the simple answer. Just give me a call or email your details to me.

Tel UK landline: 0044 (0)1582 868529
Tel UK mobile: 0044 (0)7754401519
Pay non resident tax in Spain
About the company
About the tax